Are you scrambling like mad to finish up your Christmas shopping list? We get it! There is so much hustle and bustle in December that before you know it, you’re frantically trying to get those last-minute gifts. Don’t worry, you’ve still got time! We’ve put together excellent ideas for Side By Side “Stocking” Stuff’ers, that your favorite offroad enthusiasts will love. Oh, and the best part, everything on this year’s Top 10 list, is under 100 bucks!

** NOTE: Not all items are guaranteed to fit in a stocking. **

  1. PRP Lighted Grab Handle – This UTV accessory is ideal for any type of rider because the terrain is unpredictable, whether you’re working or ripping. It easily mounts to any round roll cage up to three inches in diameter using durable Velcro straps. The best part is the LED light strip feature. Now, when it’s time to grab the “wholly smokes” handle, they won’t have to play the guessing game to get it!
  1. Large Black Roll Cage Organizer Bag By Classic Accessories – One complaint that is universal amongst roadies is the lack of compartmentalization. There’s nowhere to put your stuff! That’s why this Large Black Roll Cage Organizer Bag would light up any SxS owners face. It’s made tough enough to handle the harsh and offer a storage solution that will ditch that cabin chaos.
  1. Axia Alloys Adjustable Smart Phone Surface Mount – Let’s face it, our cellular devices are our lifelines. We use them for everything: entertainment, navigation, communication; we even use them to pay our bills! This Adjustable Smart Phone Surface Mount will make their cell phone accessible, readable, and secure, while they do their offroad “dirty deed.”
  1. Seizmik Strike Break Away Side Mirrors – No one likes having to crane their neck to see what’s creeping up behind them. That’s where these made fierce Strike Break Away Side Mirrors come in. With full break-away geometry, they can confidently rip terrain without worrying about damages. Who wouldn’t want these sleek aftermarket side mirrors?
  1. Dragonfire Racing Universal Street Legal Kit – Talk about getting bang for your buck! This Universal Street Legal Kit comes with multiple aftermarket accessories that get their rig road ready. Included in the kit is a horn, review mirror, license plate mount with an integrated light, and all the hardware and wiring.
  1. ATV-Tek Elite Series Universal Rear View Mirror w| Dual Blind Spot – Who wants to twist and turn just to back up their buggy or see what’s coming up in the rear? With an Elite Series Universal Rear View Mirror with a Dual Blind Spot, that is a thing of the past! The aftermarket accessory is made for the rugged offroad, with a low-profile design that significantly reduces vibration to the UTV mirror. It fits all tubular roll cages from 1 to 2-1/2 inches in diameter and includes an extension arm allowing adjustability for rigs with interferences.
  1. 6.5 Inch ECO-Light Series Double Row LED Light Bar by Race Sport Lighting – There is nothing quite like a night ride, even if they are just working in the dark. This 6.5 Inch ECO-Light Series Double Row LED Light Bar has the grit to handle abuse while providing ample illumination for any occasion. The SxS accessory is designed with both a spot and flood combination pattern to meet the demands of all rider types.
  1. Pro Armor 2 Inch Wide Auto-Style Harnesses – Safety is a virtue, and what better way to ensure your favorite roady is properly confined than a 2 Inch Wide Auto-Style Harness? This stellar aftermarket accessory is designed with auto-latch and an incorporated mesh light pocket, as well as a water-resistant phone pocket. It’s the perfect security upgrade for any application!
  1. Maze 2.0 Water Shoes By Gator Waders – Mud-slinging is where it’s at, unless there’s soggy shoes involved. You can’t go wrong gifting the Maze 2.0 Water Shoes. They look good and are designed with outstanding traction, toe protection, and high-rise sides. Styles available for both men and women. 
  1. Off-Road Vixens Clothing Co. – Are you shopping for girls that get dirty too? The Off-Road Vixens Clothing Co. features fun and sassy apparel from tanks to hoodies and beanies to ball caps. It’s the perfect gift for outdoors-women who like to pound-ground and look good doing it!

*Bonus Stuff’ers*

Stuff T-Shirt – It just wouldn’t be a gift idea list without adding the good “stuff.” A Side By Side Stuff T-Shirt fits any style, any rider type, and comes in multiple sizes. Besides, T-shirts are the perfect go-to gift when you need stocking space to fill!

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