Boy, did December creep up out of nowhere this year? As if it isn’t already a month full of scurrying like mad men and women to find the perfect gifts for our favorite people. Have no fear, Side By Side Stuff is here to help. We’ve made a list and checked it twice. The Top Ten SxS Stocking STUFFer’s look  pretty dang nice. Search apparel, grab handles, hats, and more; you’ll find the perfect stocking gift for sure. By the way, it gets even better! Most everything on the list is less than $100.

1. Seizmik Halo R Rear View Mirror – Who doesn’t love the idea of visual awareness while trekking through terrain? This aftermarket accessory features outstanding clarity elements and is built to withstand the harshest of environments. What’s really great is Seizmik’s industry leader warranty. You break it, they replace it, no questions asked. 

2. 2×3 Post Mounted LED Lights by Tough CountryNothing says I love you like pulling a set of UTV dually lights out of your stocking, Christmas day. These offroad accessories have a low-profile build but packs a massive 1800 raw lumens punch. The LED lights are fit for any rider type, whether night shredding or doing chores after dark.

3. Axia Alloys USB Rechargeable LED Dome Light – It is no secret that buggies are lacking in-cab lighting. That’s where this little guy comes in to play. The SxS LED dome light has a low-profile design, easily mounting to the overhead roll cage. There is an excellent selection of clamp sizes, so the fitment is precise and reliable. Plus, this gadget requires no additional wiring. When the battery dies, charge it up, and you’re good for another three hours of use.

4. Bad Dawg UTV Grab HandleWhether you’re wrangling cattle or hitting the trails, a UTV grab handle is a must. This handy accessory attaches to the overhead roll cage with a “built for battle” construction. It’s super affordable with a major payoff.

5. UTV CoversThis is a staple that should be in every offroad household. Keeping a sport or utility in top working condition is crucial to the cause, whatever that may be. Aftermarket UTV covers make an excellent gift for any offroad enthusiast with any type of machine application. These units are designed with weather-resistant fabrics that keep the critters, bugs, and elements from causing unnecessary wear.

6. ATV-Tek Clearview Universal Sun Visor – There isn’t a driver or passenger on the planet who wouldn’t get excited about a side-by-side sun visor. Mother Nature can be brutal when it comes to those cloudless days. This particular UTV sun visor is ideal for the enthusiast who has other add-ons installed. Its low-profile diversity is compatible with most aftermarket accessories like windshields and tops.

7. MX Force Helmet & Goggles – Safety is a virtue when it comes to offroad venturing. Nothing says “keep your head in the game” like an aftermarket helmet and a pair of goggles. The stylish headgear offers reliable protection while looking good in the process.

8. Evolution Electric UTV Wiper Kit for Hard-Coated WindshieldsAn Evolution electric UTV wiper kit is an excellent stocking STUFFer choice for your giftee. This aftermarket accessory will increase visibility on those rainy expeditions or when the mud has had its way with the hard-coated polycarbonate windshield. The best part is the user doesn’t have to put in a work out to get that visibility like with a manual wiper. Simply flip the on/off switch and let the blade do what it does. It’s got 90-degree wiper action and an integrated self-parking feature making this SxS windshield wiper a must-have for any Powersports enthusiast.

9. Off-Road Vixens Clothing Co. – With your favorite female finding her place in the Powersports community, she’s going to need some new digs. Whether your lady is edgy, laid back, or redneck classy, these offroad T-shirts, hoodies, and hats will fit right into her style aesthetic.

10. ATV-Tek Arch Series Camo UTV Roll Cage Bag There isn’t a rider on the planet that couldn’t put one of these ATV-Tek Arch Series Camo UTV Rock Cage Bags to fair use. Storage is not a strong suit of any buggy, whether for work or play, which makes for cabin chaos or missing gear. The aftermarket accessories are designed with a reliable construction from quality materials like Tarpaulin, which is fade and mold-resistant, as well as waterproof. At the same time, its zipper-free engineering makes for zero hassle when you’re trying to get to your goods.

**Bonus Item**

Side By Side Stuff T-Shirt – You know we couldn’t leave us out. A Side By Side Stuff T-shirt is a gift anyone would approve of. Its relaxed fit will do the trick for riding, hanging around the house, or representing at an offroad event.

That’s it but that’s not all! If you’re on the fence of what to get your loved one or friend, we’ve got a variety of gift cards on hand.

Happy Holiday’s from us to you. Have a Merry Christmas from the Side By Side Stuff Crew!