12If you frequently drive through rocky landscapes or forested areas, you know how useful your UTV can be. While their resilient frames and large sizes factor into their durability, the heavy-duty wheels found on UTVs are what enable them to traverse perilous roads and stand up to the elements.

For this reason, it’s imperative that you do your homework before purchasing replacement wheels for your UTV. When shopping around for new side by side wheels, take the following factors into account.



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  1. Where Do You Typically Drive Your UTV?

As is the case when purchasing wheels for your car, the types of landscapes you typically drive through should factor into your choice of UTV wheel. For example, if you operate your UTV on a golf course or in a warehouse setting, standard steel wheels should suit your needs perfectly.

However, if your UTV is primarily driven through woodlands or bumpy areas, you’ll need something stronger — ideally, an alloy aluminum wheel. Although they come with heftier price tags, these particular side by side wheels are better-equipped to handle potentially perilous environments.


  1. How Fond Are You of Cleaning?

As any seasoned UTV enthusiast can confirm, driving through forested areas can make your vehicle’s wheels incredibly dirty. A few hours of driving through muddy woodlands is practically guaranteed to leave your wheels caked in heavy grime. This is particularly true in the case of unpainted wheels.

Alternatively, wheels coated in automotive-grade paint are able to shed dirt, mud, and assorted filth as opposed to becoming immersed in them. A quick hose-off at the end of each ride should be more than enough to make these wheels sparkle.


  1. What Is the Wheel’s Life Expectancy?

Before committing to purchase a UTV wheel, read up on that particular wheel’s life expectancy. Since you’ll want to get the most for your money, consult the manufacturer’s website or the store from which you intend to make the purchase to determine how long you can expect a certain wheel to last. It’s no secret that UTV wheels are subjected to a substantial amount of wear and tear, so keep in mind that the figures you receive will constitute broad estimates.

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Few components are as vital to a UTV’s overall well-being as reliable wheels. With an overwhelming abundance of options from which to choose, finding the right wheel for your side by side may seem like a sizable undertaking. Fortunately, by taking the previously discussed factors into account, you can effectively take the hassle out of wheel shopping.


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