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We’re taking an up-close look at one of the latest UTV models by Polaris, the RZR S 900 EPS. See what’s new and what sets it apart from the competition, as well as other Polaris models.

  • It’s Faster!

o   The RZR S 900 EPS goes from 0 to 40 mph in less than five seconds! Thanks to its 75 HP ProStar engine, this speed is 13 percent faster than its predecessor, the RZR S 800. With lightning fast acceleration, you’ll cover tons of ground in no time!

  • Heightened Clearance

o   The RZR S 900 EPS boasts a full 12.5” of ground clearance which allows you to navigate rocky trails and terrain. Feel confident in knowing that you can handle whatever these trails throw at you!

  • Improved Turning Radius and Steering

o   In addition to electronic power steering, this Polaris side by side features a 20% faster steering response with an improved two-turn lock-to-lock steering ratio. The new turning radius is a narrow 16’. This helps you navigate on those winding trails you love!

  • Floor Drains

o   If you want to keep your driver and passenger side interior floor area clean, the RZR S 900 EPS has floor drains for quick and easy cleaning. Simply wash debris and mud off and wash it right down into the floor drain. When you’re finished, place the cap back over the opening and you’re good to go for next time!