100_5420There’s three little words that we live our lives to hear. These words make our hearts race, our hands twitch, and fill our eyes with tears of joy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a whisper in our ear, a shout from a rooftop, or even a text on our phone. We’ll take ‘em any way we can get ‘em:

“Wanna Go Muddin’?”


I don’t mean just hopping puddles. I’m talking extreme, monster-style mudding. The kind of mudding that requires sitting sky-high on gigantic tires, with a suspension that will man-handle anything you can tromp it through.


Our friends at High Lifter have just made our mud boggin’ dreams come true, with the announcement of the

High Lifter Polaris RZR 1000 10Lift Kit.

RZR Big Lift

“We’ve had customers request this for years,” says Scott Smith, owner of High Lifter products. “We’ve been so busy on other projects, we’ve had to turn them all away. We finally got the right amount of resources and time to devote to the project. We were confident we could do it as good as or better than anyone else and we feel like we’ve accomplished that.”


High Lifter’s design team worked for 10 months to develop a kit that maximizes 10 inches of lift plus provides the strength and reliability of a mud machine.


“There are two things you need to achieve when building a big lift kit or any kind of lift kit,” Smith adds. “The first of which is clearance; everything has got to clear. You don’t want to bolt up and have stuff rub right off the bat. Beyond clearance, the next thing you need to achieve is maximum strength: it’s got to hold up, stuff can’t bend or move around.”





The High Lifter Polaris RZR 1000 10” Lift Kit includes:


  • Heavy Duty Laser Cut Front and Rear Upper Lift/Shock Brackets
  • Upper and Lower Radius Arms
  • 4 Custom Heavy Duty Max Clearance Front Control Arms Fabricated at High Lifter with 1 ¼” – .120 Wall DOM Tubing, Heavy Duty Support Gussets & Shock Mounts
  • 2 Custom High Lifter Heavy Duty Max Clearance Trailing Arms
  • Front & Rear Custom High Lifter Heavy Duty “Helper Springs” to be installed on your factory shocks to improve ride quality
  • 4 New Custom Outlaw RCV Axles by Rockford
  • Custom tie rods
  • Custom rear brake line kit
  • Lift Brackets, control arms, trailing arms and tie rods come with durable powder coat finish
  • All required hardware and brackets
  • Detailed instruction with photos for install
  • Complete kit proudly Made in the USA by High Lifter Products

High Lifter Heavy Duty Max Clearance Trailing Arms


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Designing a big lift that functions well in the field is not a simple task. There are many factors to consider and challenges associated with this kind of expert-level work.


We asked Brian Smith, Head Engineer at High Lifter, what kinds of engineering challenges he and his team faced in order to accomplish the strength and reliability needed for this extreme of a mud lift.


“Balancing maximum axle angle against the width of the RZR and ensuring the control arms can handle the higher stresses from the bigger lift and longer arms,” Brian replied. “We tested several versions with different thicknesses of steel and gussets through deep ruts to ensure the arms could handle the flexing that they would see during extreme mud riding.  We put a lot of miles on these lifts before releasing them to the public. Also, it was important to keep the ride comfortable which was achieved by adding the secondary [helper] springs.”

Purple Princess


In addition to designing high quality products and being able to build virtually anything their customers dream up, High Lifter takes great pride in their staff being enthusiasts, which is extremely valuable during the testing phase.


The High Lifter Polaris 1000 10” Lift Kit is offered in standard Polaris colors (black, orange, red and silver). If you’re doing a custom build, High Lifter can powder coat it any color you want or you can buy it raw.

“We put the High Lifter Big Lift on our personal units and pounded on it weekend after weekend. It was just real world experience,” says Scott Smith, Owner. “We made changes and tweaks to the steering, control arms and radius bars. We did all that through just riding extremely hard. Between our Chief Fabricator, Jesse Johnson, and I, we can break more stuff in a weekend than the average guy can in a year. We ride really, really hard.”

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Smith adds, “I can tell you, on the Polaris RZR , Ranger , and Scrambler kits we have, we really went overboard in design. What we tried to do was focus on making it trail-friendly. A lift this big definitely turns any machine into a good-lookin’ monster, but we’re really proud of how well our kits performed in the field. Drivability is a really important factor, one we made sure we didn’t sacrifice.”


The High Lifter 10” Lift Kit is priced at $4395.00 and will be available for other models beginning in the next few weeks, starting with the Ranger.


Click here to purchase your High Lifter Polaris RZR 1000 10” Lift Kit at SideBySideStuff.com