We’ve heard about smart cars that can drive themselves, but what about smart side by sides? Well, ladies and gents, that time has arrived.

When we were scoping the web for news on side by sides, we came across an interesting article about DefExpo India, a land, naval and internal security systems exhibition. The conference, which brings together researchers, developers, and manufacturers from around the globe, is a great places to find new technologies that can benefit military or security applications. We already know that the military uses side by sides for some purposes, but at this conference, we saw something even more incredible.

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz, in conjunction with Polaris, unveiled an unmanned vehicle that is a 6×6 off-roader. It’s really incredible what this thing can do. The vehicle is actually a modified version of the Polaris Ranger and it’s designed for both defense and civilian purposes. Modifications like a drive by wire system, sensor suite, cameras, 3D laser for range detection, and an inertial navigation system allow for this ride to be controlled by radio within a 5 km range, making it an exceptional solution for military applications. Seriously – imagine having a ride that can come to you!

To read more about this – and see photos – check out this post: https://indianautosblog.com/2014/02/polaris-unmanned-ranger-6×6-118337