aftermarket UTV parts and accessories manufacturer Assault Industries

Mr. Dirt, you’re not safe. Sand, be scared. Snow, you’ve got more to worry about than becoming yellow! Assault Industries, the rising military-themed UTV accessory manufacturer, is attacking all-terrains in the side by side world.

Assault Industries was started by owner, Marcelo Danze. As a kid, Danze was fascinated by all things military. He loved going to airshows and enjoyed learning about military engineering.  His dad was a talented machinist and in 1982, started his own business out of his garage. Danze spent most of his time along-side his dad, watching, learning and working. Over the years, the company grew tremendously, catching the interest of big names like Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and our own United States Military. This is where Danze excelled and found his calling.


“Manufacturing for our defense department instilled in me so much pride,” Danze explains. “Working with such talented engineers and seeing the advanced technology was extremely interesting to me. Of course, everything made for the military must be extremely accurate, down to plus or minus .002”, which is like the thickness of your hair or half the thickness of a piece of paper. There is no room for error. From this experience and the fact that I love to ride, I knew I wanted to start my own company. I wanted to match the same tolerances and quality that we use for the military, and put it into parts and accessories for side x sides.”


Assault Industries Bomber Breakaway Side View Mirrors (Sold in Pairs)

That was four years ago. Today, Assault Industries has proven itself in the realms of reliability and strength of their UTV parts. “Our biggest aftermarket UTV part is our side by side mirrors,” Danze notes. “We designed our mirrors to be fully adjustable, breakaway and have replaceable parts, if needed. We have a billet faceplate in the front you can easily remove and replace the mirror. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our mirrors against breakage, so if you do break the glass we will replace it for you. They also fold in and come in many different colors, giving your machine a flawless, custom look.”

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aftermarket UTV parts and accessories manufacturer Assault Industries explorer mirror aftermarket UTV parts and accessories manufacturer Assault Industries AI military

After they mastered the mirrors, Assault Industries came out with radius rods with improved strength for racing UTVs. “We decided to develop radius rods made out of an aluminum alloy that has been tested on machines and race vehicles,” Danze said. “To this day, we have not had one fail. The aluminum will flex before it bends and will actually rebound back to its original shape, unless it gets over bent. Our radius rods are American made and guaranteed. If you bend one of them, we will replace the barrel. Our goal is to be considered the Rolls Royce of UTV products. It is our mission to provide top-notch quality and appearance in our UTV accessories. We take extra steps and cost in anodizing and we black-zinc our hardware; we don’t use cheap hardware. We plate with special coating to make sure our hardware doesn’t rust.”


aftermarket UTV parts and accessories manufacturer Assault Industries Radius Rods

The war has only begun. There are many projects in the works for Assault Industries, including but not limited to: Yamaha YXZ 1000 tie rods, a new steering wheel adapter for the YXZ, front and rear YXZ bumpers, and even cages. So stay tuned and be sure to keep Assault Industries on your radar because they’re definitely not going anywhere.


aftermarket UTV parts and accessories manufacturer Assault Industries AI RZR

Some final words from Marcelo Danze: “One thing that I believe in and hold strong feelings for is all our troops and our children.” Danze concludes. “We donate as much as we can to St. Judes Hospital. We’ve helped out with the Wounded Warrior Project and are now getting involved with Warfighter Made. We do this because if it wasn’t for the sacrifices our soldiers make for us each and every day, our lives wouldn’t be the same, our freedoms would be slim to none, and the side by side world would not exist.”

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