We all know that Assault Industries turns it up when it comes to dishing out military-inspired aftermarket accessories for all rider types. However, did you know they also are widely known for sponsoring trophies for Powersports events? Well, they sure are! In fact, they’ve given us a peek at how they designed and executed the 2020 UTV World Champion Trophy build.  What really piqued our excitement is that they used the same work-ethic and talent on these trophies as they do their SxS parts and accessories line. All we can say is… we are impressed!


Assault Industries is an industry leader, and rightfully so. They don’t just supply the offroad community with aggressive UTV side mirrors and aesthetically sound grills (although, they do fork out some badass aftermarket accessories). Assault Industries lives and breathes Powersports from their unique accessory builds to being all up in big events. They are truly passionate about the industry as a whole.


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