Because we can’t get enough of this “”stuff””… 2021 High Lifter Mud Nationals. It’s not just a clever name as this main event is one of the largest honey hole adventures of the year. There is no granny trail business going on, that’s for sure. We’d say more like a lot of braaap and mud bogging on some of the most arduous sticky icky terrains in the States. It’s no surprise that Assault Industries was all up in the pit action getting dirty with the rest of the mud enthusiasts.


Assault Industries is notorious for supplying the offroad community with military-style UTV parts and accessories fitting for this buzz. These aggressively and durably designed units range from SxS side mirrors to grills. The variety of aesthetically structured Powersports accessories is uncanny right down to aftermarket hard parts like heavy-duty tie rods and steel backplates for several machine applications. If you want to ride rough, these products by Assault Industries are the way to do it.


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