Let’s face it: most people do not buy an SxS because they want to drive around on nice, clean roadways and well-maintained streets. People drive UTVs because they want to venture out into some of the roughest, toughest, most hardcore conditions that Mother Nature can create. Whether that involves tearing up a dusty trail, crossing rocky terrain in the high mountains, or splashing around in the mud or wetlands, UTVs are built to make it through Before you take your UTV into muddy areas, consider buying UTV suspension parts and upper doors sold by SideBySideStuff.com.

Suspension Kits

When it comes to crossing muddy terrain, UTV suspension parts are absolutely critical. UTVs keep you close to the ground, which assists with control but can put your at risk.  When you’re driving through the mud, extra clearance space can help prevent sinking down and flooding your engine, which can cause serious damage to your ride. A suspension kit gives you the extra edge you need to conquer muddy territory.

Upper Doors

Kicking up piles of mud is tons of fun when you’re driving out in a big field, but it’s a lot less fun to clean up. Protect your interior from getting splattered with mud by installing upper doors. Browse door options, like the clear, flexible doors that can be rolled or hard doors that come on and off. Doors will also help keep the bugs out when you’re driving around in the deep woods or in the wet swamplands.



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