RZR BumperRZR fans aren’t afraid to put their machines to the test. They constantly push limits to make sure that their ride never disappoints. If you have a need for sport but want to make your side by side work even harder, we definitely think you should check out the latest addition to the SideBySideStuff.com selection of RZR parts and accessories: The Bad Dawg Front RZR Bumper with Winch Mount.

This badass add-on for the Polaris RZR sports a heavy duty make, universal winch mount, and a look that will strike fear into the hearts of the rest of your riding party. Okay, maybe not fear, but this RZR bumper looks absolutely fierce on your ride. Plus, the fact that it protects your vehicle with a tough make and front skid plate means that you can feel free to cut loose and really put your RZR through its paces. Just add a winch and you’re ready to truly tear up the trail with a machine that’s built for absolute performance.

Check out this new addition – and order yours – at SideBySideStuff.com