One bonus of owning a side-by-side UTV rather than an ATV is their ability to carry cargo and gear. In addition to the larger seating cab, a side-by-side has the power to haul trailers and other gear across extreme terrain. This is great if you’re at a work site or just looking to haul some equipment out for a long camping trip. Take advantage of your side-by-side’s unique capabilities by harnessing that carrying power and installing important accessories like UTV hitches and roll cage bags.


Some of the first side-by-side add-ons that you should be looking into when you get a new UTV are UTV hitches. A hitch will attach onto the bumper of your side-by-side, which will then give you the ability to hook onto trailers or other forms of moving cargo. This is absolutely critical if you use your side-by-side in a work environment, as you’ll need to haul gear across rough stretches of dirt or mud. It’s also important if you’re planning on hauling a wagon or a small trailer out into the woods for a camping trip. A strong, reliable hitch is a must-have side-by-side accessory.

Roll Cage Bag

In addition to larger cargo, you’ll also need to be able to carry smaller tools or equipment with you whenever you hit the trails. For that type of gear, you won’t necessarily need a huge cargo box. You’ll just need a good, sturdy roll cage bag. A roll cage bag will attach onto your side-by-side’s roll cage and keep all your items safe and secure. Whether you’re carrying tools out to a job site or taking supplies on a hunting or camping trip, a roll cage bag is an important accessory for your side-by-side experience.



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