Audio Formz UTV TopAudio Formz is a brand that originally launched in the marine audio business. Yep, they started out sailing the high seas first before they got into making accessories for side by sides. We couldn’t be happier about the transition.

Since Audio Formz came on the scene a few years back, it’s been making some of the best UTV stereo systems available on the market. Not only are these audio systems easy to install, but they offer some of the best performance we’ve seen in an aftermarket side by side stereo system. But perhaps the coolest thing about this accessories maker is it’s approach to adding music to your ride. They don’t just want to give you the stereo: no, they’ll give you the entire top to your side by side.

Audio Formz tops for UTVs come in options with both stereos and no stereo include, plus cool features like optional LED lights. They accessorize your ride and provide a soundtrack to your trail-blazing, mud-bogging, rip-roaring adventures. What’s not to love?

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