Having your phone with you on the trail is a must. If you are hoping to have your Kubota RTV in one of the Instagram pics of the month, save some memories, or stream music, you’ll need your smart phone within arm’s reach.

There’s nothing quite like candid shots you can get when you’re maneuvering through the mud. You’ll reach for your phone when you discover a picturesque view that was hidden by trees. That combination of dirt, grit, nature and the rugged power of your UTV can make for epic images that are truly unforgettable.

You can also use your phone for videos and make a snapchat story that is certain to make everyone not sitting on a UTV wish they could be there. When you want to access that playlist you created for the weekend, all you have to do is open your favorite streaming app. When you need to tell your friends you will be home later because you want to stay out for a few more hours, you shoot out a text. And when you are exploring new terrain and get a little lost after one too many turns, your GPS can take you back home.

As you head out with your fully charged phone, make sure you have a secure location to store the phone in your side by side. Tossing your phone in a side pocket or loose in the cab can be dangerous. You could step on it, it could fly out, or it could get covered with water. Instead, put the phone in a water safe case and store it in a cargo bag with heavy duty zippers that will keep the elements out.


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