Are you using your UTV to the fullest of its abilities? After all, the ‘U’ in UTV stands for utility, and your vehicle is not useful without the right accessories. One of the most useful accessories to have, are UTV winches. UTV winches come in handy when you or your friends are out riding and one of you gets stuck in a rut. UTV winches are designed to pull your vehicle and others out of those deep ditches and mud piles that appear along your path.

UTV winches come in a variety of brands, but also in a range of weight limits and different cable types. It’s hard knowing what to pick for your UTV if you have never shopped for one before. Weight rating is the first important thing you want to know when choosing a UTV winch for your vehicle. Winches for UTVs should be in the 4000 lb. range or higher depending on your needs. Winches within this range will have a good pulling power for UTVs. 3500 lb. winches will work in certain situations, but anything lower will not have the right power for your UTV.

Another important thing to consider is cable type. There are two types of cable; steel wire and synthetic. Wire cables are heavier than synthetic. If you are a recreational rider, synthetic cable will be better for bogs and mud. However, synthetic rope will wear out faster than wire rope used repeatedly against rough surfaces. Wire cable is also heat resistant and cheaper than synthetic, but because of the steel can be dangerous to yourself and others in the event that it frays or snaps. ( See blog article – Synthetic Rope vs. Steel Cable)

The last thing you will want to consider when buying a UTV winch is to make sure the winch will be compatible with your UTV. Some winches come with a mounting plate, and some need to have the mounting plate purchased separately. Make sure to do your research before purchasing the right winch for your UTV.

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If you need help selecting a UTV winch for your UTV, contact today. We have a variety of UTV winches to choose from to perfectly suit your off-roading needs.