Many riders have never crashed their UTV, some of them crash all the time. You never really plan to crash your UTV, but we all know it can happen. Before it does happen, it’s best to have your UTV up to spec when it comes to safety. You need to ensure that you and your passengers are well protected, one way to significantly increase the safety of the riders inside your machine is to upgrade to an aftermarket roll cage. At Side By Side Stuff, we look for the best products regarding safety. When it comes to aftermarket roll cages, it was a no brainer, we look to CageWRX.

Recognized as a superior and innovative aftermarket parts provider in the UTV industry, Perris, California company CageWRX engineers and manufactures high quality UTV products specializing in UTV roll cages, roofs, windshields, bumpers as well as many other side by side accessories. With an extensive knowledge in professional motorsports, they bring race inspired and race proven, off-road race technology and performance parts to the SxS market.


The CageWRX story got its start when co-founder Chad Ragland started racing UTVs. Chad started modifying his Polaris RZR XP 1000 and realized that these machines could have real performance potential if race worthy parts were applied. Chad, who had experience running a Trophy Truck team back in 2007, wanted to apply the same types of principals and designs of a custom Trophy Truck into his RZR. It was also in 2007 when Chad met co-founder Danny Gormican. Danny, who is very experienced in the professional motorsports industry as well, designed and fabricated for some of the top desert racing teams and has even developed some vehicle aftermarket products. The combination of the two off-road enthusiest’s individual expertise led to the birth of CageWRX.


Originally Chad and Danny’s focus was on the racing performance aspect of the industry; however they realized very quickly that there was a bigger demand. After fielding many calls from a variety of consumers and companies wanting them to build kits the customer could install on their own, Chad and Danny realized that they could supply SxS owners directly with an easy access to a custom setup. Using sophisticated machinery and running production in large volume, they were able to provide high quality, race ready products engineered to the highest standards at an exceptional value.

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At  Side By Side Stuff we offer a variety of CageWRX products including their “Ready to Weld” roll cage kits. Ready to Weld kits for side by sides, like the Polaris RZR and Yamaha YXZ 1000 R, are kits with pre-bent and structured tube pieces that once properly welded together form a safe and reliable roll cage. These affordable kits come complete with plans and online video instruction to make it possible for customers to put together at home in their own garage or by a local fabrication shop in just a matter of hours.


We  offer a variety cage designs, like the Race Cage, Baja Spec and Super Shorty kits, for select machines. If you’re ready to upgrade your UTV with an aftermarket roll cage, take a look at the “Do it Yourself” solutions from CageWRX, visit our CageWRX brand page today.