If we have not said it a gazillion times, the Powersports Industry is the most diverse community you will ever be a part of. It’s a biz that is ever-growing and evolving to increase ride quality and performance across a mass amount of activity. Some may think it stops with tackling hardcore trails or completing farm tasks. However, that is not the case. Utility and rec vehicles are versatile in function and delivery.

We were super stoked to find this gem showcasing that said versatility. Check out the Camso Track System, Allies of the Fire Heroes. That’s right, Stuff Junkies! These cars go into no man’s land, smack dab in the heart of wildfire central Warren, Minnesota. Of course, they are using the notorious UTV track systems by Camso. It is a saving grace for the number one transgression these heroes endure… fatigue.

These respected volunteers depend on their rig to get them where they need to go when things are at their worst. With a 464 square mile radius to cover, they can get the job done safely and more efficiently thanks to the side-by-side decked out with the track system. As a result, the firefighters can cover more ground with less risk. We give this a massive two thumbs up and then some.

Camso is an industry leader when it comes to SxS track systems. In fact, they don exclusive technology that has changed traversing on wet, snowing, and marshy terrains as we know it. That being so, not only can these units tackle extreme terrain, but they also function without issue on hard surfaces for year-round use. We are super proud to be a part of an industry that continues to shine across the board.

To ensure you can take your buggy to places that seem unreachable, shop Camso Track Systems at SideBySideStuff.com.