Can Am Maverick


The best off-road vehicles are designed to conquer hazardous road conditions, and a side by side is one of the best there is. A UTV will be able to carry you across muddy terrain, whether you’re heading to a good hunting spot, or just kicking up the mud for the fun of it. While tearing up muddy tracks can be great fun, it’s important to keep the mud from affecting your side by side’s performance. Here are a couple of important tips for making sure that you can conquer muddy terrain without the mud messing up your vehicle.


Keep the Mud Out of the Cab

Though half of the fun is to feel the wind whipping against your clothes as you roar down the track in a side by side, it is possible to get too much of a good thing. When splashing across very muddy terrain, you should have a Can-Am windshield installed to keep the mud from getting all over you, your food, your phone, etc. You can get a good half-windshield installed to keep the mud out when the road conditions are particularly wet, while still feeling the breeze.


Keep the Engine Safe

When you’re heading into swampy conditions, you can risk waterlogging the engine if you end up sinking too deeply. This is where it’s important to install a snorkel kit, to keep your engine breathing above the water even when conditions are soggy and wet. Don’t let the mud gunk up your vehicle and shut it down; or you might end up having to make an embarrassing call to your buddies to come tow you out. Install a snorkel system instead, and you’ll be able to forge ahead into muddy conditions with confidence. Don’t forget to look into skid guards to keep the undercarriage safe as well.


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