How long have you been digging for the perfect set of aftermarket tires? The trick is knowing what you want and narrowing down those options. One brand that really stands out is CST with its stand on “quality, integrity, and service from top management to the factory floor.”




CST spreads the love to 150 countries with their world-class carcass designs, advanced equipment, and modern technology. It’s about quality manufacturing and efficient logistics, to bring the offroad community excellent standards. 



Now that we’ve established what an outstanding manufacturer CST is let’s check credentials. These guys have tons of street cred in the racing community. Adam McGill, a pro-racer and sponsored by CST, has gone on to win two Camp Coker Bullet races, utilizing these aftermarket tires. If it’s good enough for the pros… Along with the street credit, CST is also certified with D.O.T. as well as quality management certified with ISO 9001 and TS 16949.




CST is known for its unique tread and lug patterns, which have blasted the offroad community by storm. They’ve mastered the art of depth and spacing to provide each rider type optimized traction, grip, and or floatation ability. There’s everything from “do-it-all” tires featuring shock absorption attributes to tires that exceed even D.O.T. standards. CST’s desire to bring UTV crusaders a quality ride experience motivated them to craft the first-ever rock crawling carcass, otherwise known as the Lobo RC



Are you having a hard time figuring out what aftermarket tire will best beef up your buggy? Check out the differences in lugs and treads.

Just right for extreme mudding in your Ranger XP 1000.
CST Sludge Hammer 6 Ply Radial Tire

Just right for extreme mudding in your Ranger XP 1000.

CST Sandblast 2 Ply Tire

Dancing the dunes will be like floating on the clouds in your Yamaha YXZ 1000 R.

CST Stag 6 Ply Radial Tire

Trail beating like it owes you something just got a whole lot more intense in your Can-Am Maverick X3.

Utilizing those pictures and knowing the nature of your ride just made choosing your new UTV tires as exciting as the experience. Get your aftermarket hook-up by browsing our selection of CST tires at and take advantage of our newsletter, you’ll find all kinds of good “stuff” in there.


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