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A side by side vehicle is one of the most versatile machines you can own. You can use it for navigating through harsh terrain, setting up a weekend camping trip, or just some good old-fashioned off-road racing. Whichever you prefer, a side by side is only as good as the customizations you install on it. After all, most vehicles will have similar levels of performance, but it’s the accessories and customizations that will win you the big race (or win you the admiration of the other drivers). Here are some tips for getting the most out of your side by side and customizing it for optimal performance.


Optimize Your Racer

When you need high speeds to be able to win big races, it’s important to install some custom UTV wheels and tires. The standard wheels and tires will be decent in most situations, but a performance that is decent is usually not quite enough to win a huge race. You should know exactly the kinds of conditions that you’ll be racing under, and ensure that your wheels and tires are optimized for those conditions. If the track is really sloppy, you’ll probably want something with better traction. If there are some long straightaways, you’ll probably want something leaner, for speed.


Style and Substance

Making sure that your vehicle is flawlessly functional is important. But you’ll want to include a little bit of flash, too. Consider giving your side by side a distinct paint job, one that’ll make it easy to pick you out from the crowd. You’ll look and feel like a champion, and you’ll be easier for people to root for if you’re in a big race. If you have any desire to make racing a major hobby of yours, you’ll want to ensure that your fans will be able to easily pick you out of the pack and cheer you on.

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