From fun in the snow to stuck in the mud, December brought in some great pics. Once again, our followers did not disappoint. Carnage came in at number one with some great comments as our fans captioned the photo. We’d love to see your caption too, so leave it in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

To get your UTV photo feature, submit your best to us via direct message on Instagram. Once posted, we’ll tally up the pics with the most likes at the end of the month. You never know, you could end up right here in our Top 10! Check out December’s top SxS pics below and let us know your favorite in the comments.  


What’s your caption on this? Comment at the bottom of this page. 


Now that’s sweet. 


Looks like a good day.


I can dig it.


Brimstone Recreation Park is def a great place to ride!


Love this. 


Who else needs a set of tracks?


Clean Can-Am Maverick X3!


Gonna be a messy cleanup. 


A winter wonderland.


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