The busy month of December didn’t deter you offroad crusaders did it? You brought some terrain game with this month’s videos. We don’t know what was more entertaining, defying gravity or the hill-climbing tumble. Now all that’s left to do is to give those dedicated ground-pounders some shout-out love. But first… Are you after your moment in the limelight?

To get your minute of fame, submit some film getting your flex on, tanking through mud, ripping, or whatever your offroad fix consists of to the Side By Side Stuff Instagram direct message. We’ll get it slapped on our wall where all your roady peers can click to like. Whoever has the top five hearts at the end of the month, gets the bragging rights. Okay, let’s get on with it!


This thing was SOARING!


Get. Your. Flex. On. That suspension!!


If you’re going to send it, you may want to get some dome coverage, just saying.


Get it, girl!


If at first, you don’t succeed…


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