We say it all the time, the Powersports community is about as diverse as it gets. That’s what makes it so great and so appealing to so many. We get to make our ride what we want it to be, and thanks to stellar brands like Demon Powersports, there is no limit on how far we can push those boundaries. This industry leader has been supplying offroad adventurists with quality, reliable aftermarket hard parts for over ten years. Yes, TEN years. How do they keep up to the high demands of us rough riders? We are about to tell you.



First, we’ve got to start with the “where.” Demon Powersports resides in the rugged lands to the North in Ontario, Canada. The topography is unkempt, uneven, unpredictable, and ranges in terrain type. Be it rocks, mud, trails, dunes, and of course snow, snow, and then some more snow. If there were ever a group of engineers that had their work cut out for them… it is these guys right here. They had to develop components that could handle the rough stuff, and boy did they.

This “where” is how it all got started. The Demon team needed products to keep up with their own offroad travels, and the land sure didn’t make it easy on them. However, they did the dang thang. Using their own passion for white-knuckling adventure and the desire to assist fellow roadies in embarking on versatile ride styles, they came up with ATV and UTV parts that can take a beating and live to tell about it.



Demon Powersports is most known for its highly durable UTV and ATV axles. Racers live and breathe these SxS driveline components as they are questionably some of the most rigid and articulate aftermarket axles on the planet. When we say they are straight-up durable, it’s no joke. Corry Weller, 16 x LUCAS Oil Champion says, “I drive my Can-Am at tops speeds of 90 mph through deep ruts and long jumps, Demon Axles help us tackle short course terrain to get us to the finish line”. Bill Ford, the 2018 Championship Mud Racing SuperMod Class Champion, states, “Demon Axles are truly Hell Rated!”. Treavis Poynter, 2016 TORC Pro Mod UTV Champion, says, “…after switching to Demon Powersports axles from OEM, we never had a single axle failure all year, and that’s unheard of in the SxS industry”.



Along with these state-of-the-art drivetrain parts, PD International, Demon’s parent company, offers Rugged Power Steering Kits, Rugged OE Performance Ball Joints, Rugged OE Performance Axles, amongst many other things, for various machine applications. PDI has been rocking the automotive industry since 1993. By 2009, they realized that all the cool kids are Powersports junkies. Thus, the emergence of Demon Powersports and Rugged ATV / UTV Products.



Side By Side Stuff could not be more excited to have Demon Powersports line of products featured on our website. After all, we are all about sharing the wealth, and these offroad accessories are “on the money.” Plus, they feel the same way we do. Demon Powersports expresses, “We live and die by the quality of our products, and that’s why we invest and continue to develop the best possible products to meet the needs of our customers and racers.”


To get your breaking-bad adrenaline-charge on, offroad style, gear up with Demon Powersports parts and accessories by shopping SideBySideStuff.com.