It’s true. Pinterest isn’t just for creating wedding wishlists or pinning pictures of travel destinations. No, no, no. It’s so much more than that.

For us, Pinterest is a place where we can share some of our favorite items from our store AND photos/videos/articles about UTVs from around the web. We know you’re thinking that it’s just for girls and trust us – it’s totally not. In fact, some of the coolest people we follow are hardcore side by side riders and accessorizers. These are the types of people who mod out their machines to be something truly special – and if you’ve ever wanted to see their work in action, you’ve got to check out our Pinterest page. (Hint, hint, here’s where to go:

Give us a follow and watch us pin new items, featured boards, and other cool things that we think you’ll appreciate. Whether you like to hunt, camp, rally, or race, we’ve got something for just about everyone. Go ahead – take a peek at our Pinterest and give us a follow. It’s just another great way to keep in touch with all of us here at