DragonFire Stage 1 Performance Kit by Weller Racing Polaris RZR UTV

Do you want to boost the performance of your Polaris RZR XP 1000 without sacrificing reliability? Dragonfire Racing has done it again, creating a product that not only sounds good on paper but also that looks good and performs even better. The guys at Dragonfire Racing went to work combining years of creating quality performance parts and accessories with the knowledge and proven success of the Weller Racing group to help create a package designed to boost the power of your Polaris RZR, the Dragonfire Stage 1 Performance Kit by Weller Racing.

DragonFire Stage 1 Performance Kit by Weller Racing Polaris RZR UTV

The kit includes everything your SxS needs to get every last pony out of your stock machine, it has taken quite some time developing, testing and tuning products to gain an approximate 5% increase over stock levels. The key component of the kit is the DragonFire PyroPak Fuel management software that works in conjunction with the Air Raid High Flow Air filter. By accommodating more air you can boost fueling, making extra power that is transferred to the ground via the upgraded clutch components.

Those components are Weller Racing’s secret to converting horsepower in to traction, the adjustable shift weights makes it possible to fine tune power pulses. Combined with the beefier heavy duty primary and secondary clutch springs, the kit offers improved shift points to your XP1K.  Additionally, like any Dragonfire product, it’s designed to last over the long haul and not be a strain on an otherwise stock UTV.

DragonFire Stage 1 Performance Kit by Weller Racing Polaris RZR UTV

*Will NOT work with 2016 Models*


  • Kit includes Airaid drop-in air filter and pre-filter, DragonFire PyroPak, and a group of clutch components
  • Kit comes complete for easy bolt-on installation
  • Dyno tested for optimum performance (fuel controller comes pre-loaded with custom maps)
  • Improves airflow, fuel and ignition timing
  • Optimizes clutching to get the most out of all modifications (increased throttle response and reduced back-shifting)
  • Works with OEM of aftermarket exhaust systems
  • 6-7% horsepower gain at wheels when compared to stock configuration
  • Best performance bang for the buck
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This kit is designed to accept other power adding modifications later on, so not only is it a great add on but it also lays a foundation of performance and fun; should you choose to make more upgrades later on down the road.


If you’re interested in setting your Polaris RZR XP 1000 apart from the rest get the Dragonfire Stage 1 Performance Kit by Weller Racing.