Winter is creeping up-on us, and before we know it, everything will be covered in a blanket of snowfall. Being Midwesterners ourselves, we are no stranger to snow-clogged driveways and impassible roads. You could say we are quite passionate about UTV snowplow systems for this fact, as they are lifesavers when you live in the middle of nowhere, Missouri.

Anyone whose been a part of the Powersports community knows that there are UTV snowplow systems of all types ranging in width, capacity, durability, and mounting development. However, generally speaking, each manufacturer has figured out what works and what doesn’t, so most operate within the same performance and strength capabilities. That is until Eagle Plow systems started blowing up the industry with their take on what a side-by-side snowplow should embody.



Before we get started on all the technical jargon, let’s take a moment to appreciate growth. This industry is ever-evolving, which means the aftermarket accessories do too. Eagle Plow embraced the need to change, as their history speaks for itself.

Eagle Plow started their journey in the early 1990’s with snowplows designed and manufactured for three-wheelers only. By 2017 they had re-established themselves and their engineering dynamics to increase the growing need for a durable and reliable snowplow system for several machine applications. They continue to manufacture in Minnesota, with the mission to treat all enthusiasts like family and  to ensure offroad demands are being heard and met.

Now, let’s get on with the tech-talk.



Construction and Engineering

The snow-experts at Eagle Plow know all too well that there has to be a balance between durability and function. Without one, there is no other. Switching things up, they opted to form all primary parts, the push tube, mounts, and blade from American Steel. Each of these units is then powder-coated for superior durability and strength. This manufacturing method results in a UTV or ATV snowplow that is fade, weather, chip, and corrosion-resistant, which means you don’t have to deal with premature wear.

Many factors go into engineering a SxS snowplow system. For it to function at its highest capacity, all the main components must have superior design elements. Eagle Plow does an impeccable job of ensuring each of these parts is actively working together to support the star of the show, the blade. Why don’t we break each one of these pieces down for you?


Plow Mount

Unlike most aftermarket snowplow systems, Eagle Plow has a model-specific mount that is explicitly designed per-machine application. This goes for ATVs as well. The quad units come available in a mid or front mounting system or a standard and Gen II. A mid-mount installs at the center of the four-wheeler’s belly, while the Gen II front mount attaches closer to the anterior. As far as the UTV mounting system, it’s directly compared to the ATV’s Gen II.


Push Tube

A push tube is the portion of the aftermarket snowplow assembly that rests in between the mount and the blade. This part has the crucial role of keeping the cutting edge secure and the movement stable. The Eagle Plow push tube has a V-shaped design with multiple crossbars that add sturdiness to the whole system. In the ATV Gen II and the UTV units, they’ve included the Eagle Swivel System paired with the ability to manually adjust the blade, offering 30-percent rotation on either side. In the standard ATV, the Eagle Swivel System is the universal push tube mount.


Push Tube Upgrade

Eagle Plow thought of everything while drawing up the function behind the UTV snowplow units.  You get the tractability of the standard push tube only you can maneuver the kit from within your rig with push of a button. The Eagle Motion Pack by KYB features a 3/4th-inch chrome hydraulic shaft integrated on the upgraded push tube to include the Eagle Swivel System and the wiring harness.




These high-performance kits come with two different blade options: a curved, straight blade and a curved, slanted blade or country blade. The cutting edge comes in a variety of widths from 50-inches all the way up to 80-inches. Yes, we said a massive 80-inch-wide plow system. Beyond the width, each blade has outstanding mobility features as well as top-ranking strength. Eagle Plow formed this component to potentially be the only one you ever purchase. It comes with a replaceable, reversible wear bar with half-inch bolts to hold her steady. The adjustability factors are just as impressive. The blade comes with adaptable skid shoes and offers four-pitch positioning.




Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Now we’ve established what each part is responsible for and the details behind the build. However, the magic doesn’t happen unless you put them all together. The unit as a whole has outstanding design developments that result in an impact-resistant build that significantly reduces any chance of damage. Force of impact is directed to the machine’s stoutest chassis location, which virtually eliminates stress to the frame.

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the Eagle Plow snowplow systems to our supply of UTV and ATV plows and implements.

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