If you frequently drive your UTV through heavily wooded areas, swamplands, or other potentially perilous terrain, safety should be foremost on your mind. When looking for ways to reduce your risk of accidents in your favorite off-road vehicle, you can’t go wrong with a suspension lift kit. In addition to providing you with a safer side by side experience, a good lift kit can enhance your off-road enjoyment in a number of ways.


Larger Tires

In order to comfortably drive your UTV across certain landscapes, you’ll need to equip the vehicle with taller tires. However, in order to do this, the wheel wells need to be expanded. A good lift kit will enable you to effortlessly stretch out your side by side’s wheel wells, effectively making room for tall, durable tires. For this reason, lift kits are among the most versatile UTV suspension parts.


high-lifter-2-inch-lift-kit-viking-700-4No More Getting Stuck

When off-road vehicles are driven through muddy areas, it’s fairly common for them to become stuck. Some mud patches are much deeper than they appear, and many UTV-ers don’t become aware of this fact until their vehicles are hopelessly stuck. Using a lift kit to equip your side by side with taller tires will enable you to navigate mud puddle-laden areas with wild abandon.


Reduced Tire and Shock Damage

Driving through environments that are rife with rocks, stumps, and potholes can cause substantial damage to standard-grade UTV tires, as well as your vehicle’s shocks. Fortunately, a lift kit will relocate your side by side’s shock mounts, thus tightening up the vehicle’s suspension and making it easier to endure harsh landscapes.


Before attempting to navigate bumpy or marshy environments in your UTV, remember to take your personal safety into account. In light of the safety advantages lift kits offer, no side by side owner should be without one.

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