At Side By Side Stuff, we search high and low for new impressive accessories for your off-road needs. Guess what, we’re ready to deliver again! There is no better feeling than being able to take off in your UTV knowing that your day will have unlimited possibilities. That is what we are trying to help you achieve by offering snorkel kits by Snorkel Your ATV.

All of you serious off-roaders know it’s crucial to add a snorkel kit to your rig to protect it from mud and water.  We also know you want your snorkel to hold up. That’s why these snorkel kits are made of schedule 40 PVC for continual use without having to worry about any damage to your rig or the snorkel.



Most of the kits come 100% assembled  for an easy installation so you can get back to riding in no time. Also, they’re painted to match the flat black texture of your roll cage and other black plastics on your machine. By adding a Snorkel Your ATV snorkel kit you’ll be ready for anything on those endless hunting or off-road muddin’ trips. You can find all of the Snorkel Your ATV kits on out site by clicking here!