First Annual Easter Ride at the High Lifter Proving Grounds Powered By Polaris
April 14th, 2019

By Kelsey Smith
High Lifter Products


High Lifter Proving Grounds, located just outside of Shreveport, LA, hosted its First Annual Easter Ride last weekend. We had tons of rain in the days leading up to the ride. We actually had to reschedule to a day later due to the weather but that just put the park in prime condition for mud riding. To get in the holiday spirit, we hid over 60 brightly colored eggs all along the trails across the park, each worth the prize printed on it!



To kick off the day, we got everyone fueled up and ready to hunt Easter eggs with some hot dogs on the grill. It was a great pit stop throughout the day when everyone needed to refuel. I loved having everyone stop by all day telling us about their rides.




The real reason most people came out: they had their eyes out for those eggs to win some prizes. When the clock hit 1PM, all of the hidden Easter eggs were fair game. We had a similar ride back in March for St. Patrick’s Day when we hid 3 and 4-leaf clovers around the park. People were already heading back to redeem clovers half an hour in. This time though, with over $2,000 worth of prizes, we had to make it a little more challenging. We had people come up to the front saying they couldn’t find any. We knew they were all hidden out there though, so we just told them to keep hunting! Not too long after, eggs started rolling in. We were passing out prizes left and right.




A few of the pros who had been out before had one of the best strategies: ride and ride and ride some more, collecting eggs as they went. By the time they made it back to the front, they had so many to redeem. Some people had several bags of prizes. We gave away everything from swag to bike parts and cleaner to gift cards for local restaurants. A little something for everyone!




Then there were the ones who had no idea what was going, they were just lucky they picked a good day to ride. A couple of them saw even saw eggs but didn’t know what they were!

“Oh I saw one, I didn’t know what it was”
“I think we ran over a yellow one. I didn’t know what it was”
“Why you think I’ve been driving around so slow?!”

We filled them in and they rode off to find more!




We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who donated. Y’all really helped draw the crowd out! Gator Waders, Baja Designs, Renegade, 4×4 Barbie, MSA Offroad Wheels, Crawdaddy’s Kitchen, Louisiana Powersports, Applebee’s, S3 Powersports, and of course, Side By Side Stuff.




Despite the bad weather and having to reschedule, the Easter Ride was so much fun. I think it’s safe to say that a great day was had by all! I know the High Lifter crew had a great day, and I think everyone who came out to ride did too. We all can’t wait for next year’s Easter Egg Hunt!




Until then, keep checking our Facebook (High Lifter Proving Grounds) and Instagram (@hl_proving_grounds) pages for details on upcoming events! Moms will ride free on May 5th for Mother’s Day, and we have a few exciting things coming this summer


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