2015 Maverick
1000 X ds


Can-Am Maverick X ds TurboCan-Am has unveiled the all new Maverick X ds 2015 lineup which now will include a intercooler turbo option amongst many other changes form the 2014 model. Side by Side Stuff got the chance to take a look at the new turbo model and go for a test drive before it hit the dealer showroom floors.

The most noticeable chance to the new X ds is the turbocharger option that was added to the 2015 Maverick lineup. The 8 valve V-twin turbo with electronic fuel injection puts out an impressive 121 horse power and a top speed that exceeds 80 mph. I was impressed by the smoothness and response of the power and the X rs Turbo seemed to have no noticeable turbo lag. The turbo is quiet but still has the normal turbo spool whine that sounds awesome especially coming from a UTV. Although I didn’t get the chance to try out the Maverick with the transmission in low, I can only imagine the power is extreme and very usable.

Besides the new 976 cc turbocharged, V-twin, intercooled motor, Can-Am has also totally redesigned the suspension as well as aspects of the chassis. The wheel base has been extended 4” on the two seat version and suspension travel has been extended to 15” of travel in the front and 16” of travel in the rear. Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 piggyback shocks handle the suspension travel with a double a-arm suspension set up in the front and a torsional trailing a-arm setup in the rear. Shock mounts have been reconfigured as well for better handling and more consistent cornering. Can-Am has made a noticeable increase in ride comfort for the 2015 Maverick, we took the Turbo X ds through very rutted up section that would have otherwise been bone jarring in most other rigs but the Maverick was very smooth and handled fantastic even at 55 mph, I was impressed.

Some of the other Can-Am refinements include an adjustable drivers seat, heavy duty roll cage, Maxxis Bighorn tires and dual ventilated hydraulic twin piston brakes. The Maverick X ds also comes with Tri-mode dynamic power steering as well as an adjustable steering wheel.

In the video below Can-Am/BRP rep Bob Ballard goes into more depth on the extensive changes to the 2015 Maverick X rs Turbo.