What better way to do some tread shredding than in the unforgiving Rocky Mountains of Colorado? GBC and their crew of Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000s took the rugged topography dressed up in a set of Kanati Terra Master Tires. These unique carcasses have a dual tread design. What’s that mean? Well, Stuff Junkies, we are so glad you ask. These UTV tires can be swapped from side A to side B, offering a unique lug pattern for targeted grip on specific terrain conditions. You want to talk about universal?! We believe these offroad tires take the cake when it comes to diverse performance capacity on nearly any geography you chose to travel. The proof is in the ride as GBC takes these treads on non-maintenance hills, loose pathways, and even rocky inclines. If you like different ride styles, these side-by-side tires can accommodate your MO.


GBC knocked it out of the park with these aftermarket tires. They are a D.O.T. rated 10-ply tire with a steel-belt construction to provide more durability whether on paths less traveled or pavement. GBC left nothing out with this carcass design, from the forward traction and side grip to the two-in-one engineering. You can literally flip the tire to get a whole new set of treads. They are light, strong, offer quality traction, and bring a whole new meaning to the word all-terrain. If you consider yourself a diverse offroad enthusiast, these kickers have your name written all over them.


Get set up with GBC Kanati Terra Masters at SideBySideStuff.com.