As mentioned previously, there is a lot of customizing that you can do for your UTV to get it ready for ice and snow. Being prepared for the weather can happen with just a few helpful UTV parts and upgrades. Taking the time to research quality parts can make the difference between comfortable towing and shoveling this winter season, and being left out in the cold.

  • Tracks – Tracks equal freedom. Swapping out for tracks can be a great way to get your side by side anywhere that you want to go. Many tracks feature flexible sides for easy grip, even into uneven or slippery surfaces. They also are great for snow and ice as they provide a comfortable, steady ride.
  • Lighting – Lighting can be an issue when it comes to working in the winter weather. It becomes dark at an earlier time and provides a small window of opportunity for areas without electric lights. Wireless lights can be a great addition to your UTV. It will help to keep you safe in the dark, as well as give you more time to complete the work you began, such as plowing or towing.
  • Tires – If tracks aren’t for you, or you like the option to swap them out, consider winter/snow tires. These will help you get traction in the deep snow or ice.


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