We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, there is nothing better than the Powersports community. It is filled with all types of adventure, from dancing the dunes to slaying unbeaten paths. What’s great is there is a place in the industry for all rider types from calm, cool, and casual to in your face, balls to the wall, intense. If you find yourself teetering on the latter, Side By Side Stuff is here to help you get your rig ready. Race-ready, that is.

UTV racing has vastly become one of the most popular sports on the planet. People worldwide have dived into the adrenaline-inducing competition, with machine applications ranging from Polaris RZRs to Can Am Mavericks or even Honda Talons and Yamaha YXZs. So, how can all these different buggies get the grit it takes to pound-ground with high-performance from head to toe? The answer is… drum roll… swapping out standard SxS parts and accessories for aftermarket components designed with the moxie to pump up the volume in safety, comfort, and performance.




Safety and Comfort

When it comes to adding that hi-performance beef to your rig’s mechanical specs, it’s crucial to have safety and comfort that can back it up. Though the activity itself is nothing short of a blast, off-roading can be dangerous and painful if not adequately geared up for the nature of the ride. Take, for instance, confinement. Factory machines are not outfitted with digs that offer proper restraint, constriction, or security when it comes to hitting things harder than “traditional riding.” That’s where adding those comfort and safety items comes into play.

There is a big fat list of aftermarket accessories that will massively improve both safety and comfort demands for compensating for the roughness of offroad racing. Along with the territory of the fun comes impact jolting, potential wrecks, hacking on dirt and dust, amongst other faux pas. By integrating SxS safety components into your ride, you’re not only going to blow the competition away performance-wise, but you’re going to be hella comfortable and confident while you do it. How about that list?



Cages & Rollbars

Aftermarket UTV cages and rollbars are generally constructed with higher-grade materials, complete with a more dynamic design. These assemblies are also low-profile, which provides better clearance abilities and gives a more aggressive aesthetic to the machine build. Who doesn’t want to look meaner to their competition? Some top brands of aftermarket cages include Vent Racing, Pro Armor, and CageWRX.




SxS harnesses are a must. Literally! To qualify your rig to race, you have to have an SFI rated UTV harness installed to your seat. These aftermarket accessories are easy to install, comfortable, improve restraint, and come in a wide selection of color options to keep your buggy looking fly. Industry leaders that supply these aftermarket race harnesses are PRP, Pro Armor, and Grant.



Chase Lights

 Adding chase lights to the back of your buggy comes with a slew of benefits. The obvious is letting other racers know you are in the lead, whether you’ve kicked up a dust cloud or it’s too dark to see. These illuminators are fabricated with high-dust and water ratings to handle whatever rough stuff you encounter while giving those around you the necessary visual awareness. Some of the Powersports community’s bests are Dragonfire Racing and Rigid Industries.



Intercom System

Having the ability to communicate with your team is vital to race success. These systems provide you and your comrades the ability to talk strategy or even prepare for repairs. The SxS intercom kits come in various packages depending on the size of your crew and communication necessities. Choose from respected brands Rugged Radios and NavAtlas.




You may be asking yourself what’s so critical about investing in aftermarket seats. The answer is simple. Factory components are made for run-of-the-mill riding, which means there is very little confinement and restraint. These UTV seats are made with suspension technology, and more defined side bolsters with a more practical shoulder design. They provide a better fit for SxS harnesses and can be customized to your machine’s aesthetics. You can look fantastic while remaining comfortable during your rough riding race adventure. Top brands for aftermarket seats include PRP Seats, Dragonfire Racing, and Pro Armor.




Ride Gear

Most people don’t think about the importance of ride gear, but it’s right up there with harnesses and cages. Side-by-side ride gear is a broad category that contains helmets, dust suits, goggles, etc. This offroad gear can make all the difference in your success.

Dust Suit A full body dust suit isn’t just for style. This apparel keeps the driver dry while keeping the skin safe from dust fragments. Believe it or not, when you’re sending it through the extreme terrain, those tiny particles can actually puncture your skin. The dust suits are breathable and articulated to the driver position, for additional comfort. They also have sewn in knee pads, extra pockets, head zippers, and more. Klim has one of the best constructed yet affordable suits on today’s market.

Fresh Air Helmet – Fresh air helmets are another must-have when it comes to offroad racing. There is so much debris, and environmental particles kicked up during the competition that breathing can become a feat of its own. For a solid helmet, Klim has you covered with the R1 Air Fresh Helmet.

Fresh Air PumpTo get that good clean air into your new helmet, you’re going to need a SxS fresh air pump to go with it. The UTV fresh air pump has a low-profile assembly that draws low currents, is lightweight, and has waterproof power connectors. This unit can handle any environment while providing the driver and passenger with adequate breathable air. Side By Side Stuff is a huge fan of the Rugged Radios M3 2 Person Air Pumper System.

Goggles Seeing is believing, eh? If your point of view is clouded by dust and grime, how will you see that finish line? Investing in UTV goggles will keep your point of view intact as you shred through the offroad race track. These components are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and aesthetics. Keep those seers covered so you can keep your eyes on the prize. Both Klim and MX Force have some stellar goggles up for grabs.





And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. How do we get the buggy from point A to point B faster and more efficiently with more power and handling control? That friend calls for several mechanical upgrades that light a fire in the horsepower and torque department while increasing the wheeling ability on even the craziest terrain fields.

Aftermarket performance parts come in all different flavors depending on the capacity you’re after and the terrain most traveled. These parts include UTV exhaust systems, particle separators, tires, and even coolant fans. One thing you can take to the bank with any of these kits you choose is durability and high-performance rate. They’ve all been designed to take the heat and burn your competition without hesitation. Here are those quality SxS hi-performance parts that will have your dream machine leaving the competition in the dust.




Without the right traction and grip for the race, getting through obstacles will be a major challenge. Aftermarket race tires are made from unique compound carcass blends designed to grip in all the right places at the opportune moment. Some of the most sought after offroad tire brands on the market are System 3, ITP, MRT, and EFX.




Steering Wheel

It is no secret that an OEM steering assembly doesn’t quite have what it takes when it comes to speedy shreds on unpredictable tundra. Fortunately, the Powersports world has an easy fix with side-by-side steering wheels for improved handling capacity. These aftermarket accessories have design elements that allow for a better grip on the wheel for more controlled navigation regardless of how extreme things get. Some of our favorites are those from PRP, Grant, and Assault Industries.



Exhaust System

Optimizing power and torque is enough to make any offroad crusader get all warm and fuzzy inside. For a racer, it’s a necessary gig if you plan on bringing the heat. Aftermarket exhausts are developed from much higher-grade materials with forces that result in significant horsepower and torque gains than OEM systems. For the best, you need the best, and you can get that with Trinity Racing, Starting Line Products (SLP), HMF Racing, and Yoshimura.




We bet you’re curious about the need to get outfitted with a SxS tuner. The concept is simple: anytime you make changes to your exhaust or intake systems, it changes airflow to fuel ratios. To fully benefit from the upgrade, you want to adjust that ratio to accommodate any discrepancies. Most exhaust brands carry tunes pre-mapped with the codes to optimize the performance per their exhaust system, like HMF Racing and Trinity Racing.



Coolant Fan / Radiator Relocation Kit

We all know what results from an overheated motor. It can turn any ride into a blunder with a quickness. When you’re running your rig at the intensity of a race machine, it’s crucial to the cause to keep things chill. The easiest fix is an aftermarket coolant fan that is built for more extreme riding in harsh conditions. These upgrade fans will prevent horsepower loss while reducing potential engine detonation. If you really want to take it a step further, give your entire radiator a facelift. relocating the stock radiator improves airflow and protects against potential environmental damage, ultimately keeping things cooler and more efficient. For a coolant fan look to Reflex Beyond Extreme and Super ATV for the Radiator Relocation Kit.



Particle Separator

Last but not least, let’s delve into the fact that a UTV particle separator is a game-changer. These kits increase engine efficiency, improve the lifespan of your filter, and overall performance capacity. The S&B Filters Particle Separator is a fan favorite.




Are you ready to get that rig of yours race-ready? Shop SideBySideStuff.com for your aftermarket UTV parts and accessories to beef-up that buggy for the “W.”