Summer vacation and the weekends leave ample time for heading out to tear up the trails under the bright light of the sun. Whether you’re flying though sand dunes or digging into the mud, a few hours of fun outside can be exhausting. Even with the wind in your face from driving at high speeds or the shade from trails under trees, the heat can become almost unbearable.

One way to fight against the threat of dehydration and exhaustion is by making sure to pack plenty of ice cold beverages for your trip. Get serious about beverage storage with the Super ATV Universal Rear Cooler. This heavy duty cooler is 26”x21”x17” and features thick foam insulation to keep items cool. You can attach it to your UTV bed and it will securely latch closed.

Super ATV’s Universal Rear Cooler is a product designed for the avid trail rider. To help separate your food rations from your liquids, the cooler has two sectioned off storage areas. When it’s time to go, you can pack it full to the brim with beer, soda or any other refreshing drink of choice. Just make sure you also have plenty of water to balance any alcohol you might be taking on the trail. With this no-nonsense container, you won’t have to worry about your drinks getting so jostled around they end up popping the lid and flying out.



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