Super ATV Terminator Tires – You asked for it, we got ‘em.

We’re very excited to finally be able to offer you Super ATV’s most popular tires! If that isn’t sweet enough, we were also presented with an opportunity to talk to two extreme riders who shared their experience with these bad boys! Introducing: Scott Malone and Jeffrey Buxton.



Scott’s 2015 Polaris RZR 900 Trail has been upgraded with a Super ATV 10” Lift, Terminator Tires, EPI Mudder Clutch Kit, SSV Works Media Dock Overhead 4 Speaker Audio System, a Super ATV Tinted Roof, Rhino Axles and a KFI 4500 lbs Stealth WinchScott made the custom diamond plate headlight brackets for the LED flush mount pods.

Northern Riders leader, Scott Malone, 33, from Island Lake, IL, grew up riding dirt bikes and sport ATVs. “In high school I had a part time job and as soon as I saved enough money, I bought a busted-up dirt bike that I fixed up myself,” Malone explains. “I would get out of school at noon and go ripping across corn fields on my dirt bike. I have been riding ever since.”


After getting Super ATV’s 10” Lift installed, Malone realized his 2015 Polaris RZR 900 Trail didn’t look quite right. “When I added the 10 inch lift, it looked like a clown car. The tires were just too small,” Malone said. “I replaced them with Super ATV 15″ wheels and 34″ Terminator tires and I absolutely love them. They ride extremely smooth. Because they’re so big, they’re obviously heavier but as far as traction and ride quality are concerned, these tires are amazing!”



Since the Terminator tires are best known for aggressive mud riding, we asked Malone how they perform on other terrains. Malone told us, “For general trail riding, they’re great. They have no problem tearing through gravel trails, or anything that’s hard packed. They ride super smooth. I mostly do mudding in the area, go to the badlands in Indiana, and ride close to the same terrain in Illinois. Most of those places are super muddy and messy, and I ride extremely hard. But even on the hard pack, I can’t get over how smooth the terminators actually run. I don’t recommend it for sand because they aren’t designed for that. Otherwise, and especially for a hard packed trail or mudding, they are absolutely awesome.”

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“A lot of my friends give me a hard time. They don’t understand how I can buy a machine and beat it up the way I do,” Malone adds. “But that’s why I buy them. I don’t buy them to look at.”



Texas Teryx Riderz originator, Jeffrey Buxton, 38, of Lumberton, TX, lives to ride. We asked Buxton how the Texas Teryx Riderz club was started. “We didn’t really have anyone to ride with,” Buxton admits. “We have several ATV parks around here so I jokingly told my wife, Susan, I was going to start a Facebook group. It started out as a joke, but then we started to realize a lot of people were actually interested in it!”


Buxton rides a 2014 Kawasaki Teryx4 with 28″ Terminator tires, 10 inches wide on the front, 12 inches wide on the back. We asked Buxton why he decided to switch the tires to the Terminators. “A couple of weeks after we got the machine, we were riding at Sabine ATV mud park here in Texas,” Buxton explains. “My wife actually got the machine stuck. It was stuck so bad that we had to leave it in the woods overnight. I was heartbroken. The guy that came back there to pull me out had Terminators. I rode with him back into the woods and he pretty much made his own trail and went wherever he wanted to go. We finally got back to my ride and he winched me out. The following Monday, I got me a set of Terminators!”



Since then, Buxton has really put these tires to the test. “About three or four weeks ago, we were riding and I attempted an enormous jump. I was going too fast and when I hit the other side, I blew out the front left tire. Just popped it off the bead and blew the air out of it. I was stuck on the trail and nobody had an air compressor. So I rode that tire flat, off the bead for three miles, back to camp. Deflated, on the rim, I put a strap around it and hooked up the air compressor. It blew right up and I went right back to riding. They’re durable! Like I said, I rode it three miles out of the woods with no air in it whatsoever. My wife was cussing me the whole way!”

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One of the most aggressive tires on the market, the 6-ply Terminator tire has the perfect balance of strength and durability. Super ATV has deigned this tire with a 2″ angled tread that is uniquely tapered to maximize clean out for improved grip and traction. Featuring a load capacity of 585 @ 7 psi and a built in rim guard to protect your wheels from dings and dents, Terminator tires are truly unmatched by the competition.



  • 6 Ply ratings
  • 2″ tread depth
  • Load Capacity : 585 @ 7 psi
  • Unmatched grip when the going gets tough
  • Built in rim guard to protect wheels from dings and dents
  • Unique tapered tread for self-cleaning





One of the smoothest, most versatile mud tire on the market is Super ATV’s Intimidator tire. This 6-ply tire has a unique footprint that provides immense surface contact to achieve maximum traction. Super ATV has designed this tire with a 2″ deep angled tread diverting mud and sand away to maximize clean out for improved grip and traction. Featuring a built in rim guard to protect your wheels from dings and dents and a load capacity of 485 @ 7 psi, Intimidator tires will deliver when attacking the stickiest of mud holes.



  • 6 Ply ratings
  • 2″ tread depth
  • Load Capacity : 485 @ 7 psi
  • Unmatched grip when the going gets tough
  • Built in rim guard to protect wheels from dings and dents
  • Self-Cleaning



For more information including how to purchase your own set of SuperATV Terminator tires, or the new Intimidator tires, visit our store at

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