Let’s be real: No one knows how to party like side by side owners, and no party is more fun than one that starts by heading out into the woods with your buddies. Whether you want to head out for a big bonfire, or just want to chill with great music and great company, you’ll need the right accessories to add to the fun.

Speaker Systems
While getting out and going mudding with your buddies is fun in itself, there are some accessories you can install that will help make the gathering even better. For example, what’s a party without great music? If you’re planning on having some fun out in the woods, the first thing you should do is install UTV audio accessories. You’ll want to look into getting speakers that will be powerful enough to be heard across the entire clearing. Make sure your speakers deliver a rich sound so you can hear the bass and highs nice and clear.

Lighting Systems
Everyone knows that parties are more fun after dark, but if you don’t have some adequate lighting in place, you’ll leave your guests stumbling around and unable to see. Installing a good lighting system on your side by side’s roof to light up the area is one safe way to party at night. If you want to add a bit more style, you can choose from colorful LED whip lights that can be installed on your side by side as well, which will add a touch of color to the atmosphere.


Before you head out with a group of your greatest pals, whether it’s daytime or nighttime, be sure you have the right equipment to give you the best time. Find UTV audio accessories and other parts now at SideBySideStuff.com.



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