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If you didn’t hear, High Lifter Proving Grounds Powered by Polaris kicked off their Grand Opening on October 6th. It turned out to be an awesome event. We had amazing riding, great mud, the best vendors, and fun events. We were so excited to show off our new updates: We have a brand-new store stocked with swag, some spare parts, and, of course, snacks. We also have brand new, fully functioning bathrooms and showers. With all the rain we’ve been getting, the trails were perfect, too! If you couldn’t make it, here’s how it went.



First off, this event would not have been as amazing as it was without the hard work and dedication put forth by all our volunteers! I must give a huge shout out to our family and friends for making it all happen; we are so appreciative. Thank you guys so much!



We kicked off the day with our newly built (just for this event) 4WP Bounty Hole. With a prize of $1000, why not enter? As the crowd got more and more energetic, Scott decided to make it even more of a show. He brought out a water bottle stuffed with a $100 bill and chucked it right into the mud pit! The crowd had about a 30-second heads up to dive on in, feet first, and race (or should I say swim?) for that money! Our friend Bill Schueler from Jagged X thought it was so entertaining to watch, that he decided we needed to see it again! Of the 20 young people that jumped in, we actually ended up with the same winner each time, lucky girl. As for the competition, we only had two bikes make it all the way out on the other side— HL’s very own James Cassell ended the competition with the best time but forwent the top prize to our winner Dalton Streetman, whose bank account just got a little happier.



Next was probably the best event – the new and improved Poker Chip Run. Instead of getting a poker card, drawing a 4 of clubs and a 6 of diamonds, and deciding to quit because you’ve lost anyway, we put a new spin on the game to give everyone an equal chance to win! At each station we drew poker chips of different colors and nobody knew how many points each color chip was worth—even the HL crew! We entered all the information into a spreadsheet and let the computer do the work. We got a high hand and low hand winner right before the announcement! These were some pretty extravagant poker stations I also want to point out; our volunteers had their own little competition between stops. We had photo booths, candy, hot dogs, Mardi Gras beads, and we even had a dancing “bearded lady” at our circus booth. Don’t even tell me you aren’t bummed if you missed that!



When you weren’t out hitting the trails, we had so much more to do! Shout out to Polaris, Gator Waders and the rest of our AWESOME group of vendors for hooking us up with sponsorships, some awesome prizes and a whole roof sound system for the high hand poker chip run winner! And if y’all don’t know me, I’m all about some food. We had Bon Temps hooking us up with burgers and some of the best mini corn dogs, and our dessert vendor, Sweet Treats, with the funnel cakes and ice cream, YUM! Calling all animal lovers—huge thanks to Pola Dog Adoption for bringing out some fur babies for everyone to love on! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from some of these vendors in the future!



One of my personal favorites at this event was our Testimonial Booth. We encouraged anyone and everyone with any kind of mud riding story to come on in and lay it on us. My sister and I even snuck in because we’ve got riding stories for days. We will be posting our five favorite videos on social media for the public to vote on! And the winner doesn’t just get bragging rights, we’re talking money, y’all. Keep an eye out for those—you may just see your own!



All in all, we are so happy with how this event turned out. It was such a fun day that we, the High Lifter staff, all really enjoyed. I hope everyone is just as excited as we are to get this park amped up and have more awesome events in the future!




If you weren’t able to make it to this one, our Shriner’s Ride is just around the corner, Saturday, December 1st! This is one of my favorite annual rides because it helps such a good cause. We donate 100% of all proceeds to benefit the children at Shriner’s Hospital, which is very close to the High Lifter family’s heart. So, if you love to ride and you love to be part of a good cause, we’ll see you there!


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