Four hundred eighty-nine miles of hardcore Nevada desert, the Vegas to Reno UTV race is not for softies. When it comes to off-road racing, some of the best of the best UTV drivers take the challenge only to battle the harsh terrain to the finish line. It takes more than great driving skills; it takes products that are reliable and tough. To no surprise, many offroad racers rely on ITP Tires to get the job done.

ITP has a reputation for getting racers to the podium.  Performance-driven, ITP tires are durable, tried, and true. For years now, ITP tires have proven worthy of podium finishes, it’s no wonder why so many offroad race teams choose ITP over the rest.

This highlight reel from the 2021 Vegas to Reno UTV race says it all, what more proof do you need? Shop and get your set of ITP tires today.