Hill Can Am Pro Rock 01

By Michael Flener
Hillacious Can-Am

Polaris RZR Pro Rock Racing Round 2 
Rush Off-Road | Rush, KY


It was round two for the Polaris RZR Pro Rock Racing series UTV hill climbs at Rush Off-Road park for their Anniversary Bash! It was a brutal trip just getting there because we couldn’t leave Western Kentucky until around 9pm on Friday night. The GPS said 5.5 hours away but you know how that goes. We rolled in around 3:30 our time, 4:30 theirs, I was worn out and got about 2 hours of sleep before our pre-race buggy prep.


Hill Can Am Pro Rock 02


It was daylight now and you would not believe the sea of campers, it was a sold out crowd! Just the way we like it. We have been to Rush before and I was familiar with the hills I thought we were going to climb, but to my surprise they had picked a hill I did not know was there. This was one nasty hill to say the least, there were easier paths to both sides but the fast way was straight up the gut!


Hill Can Am Pro Rock 03


I drew #17 in the lineup so I had a chance to watch what happened to the ones that ran before me. There were a few that made it and a few that took some nasty rides, so you know there were some uncertain feelings, but there was no doubt I would have to bust the gut to have a chance. On my first run I blew a right front tire when I hit the bottom of the first big ledge, but with the awesome Can-Am wheel speed was still able to dig my way to the top with a respectable 13 second run! This thing amazes me every time.



It was time for the second run and it was right back up the same hill again for a combined time for two passes.  Even though I had climbed it once I was still a little worried about doing it again. The pictures really don’t do any justice on the steepness of the hill. I took a more conservative approach to it this time to prevent a flat and didn’t make it over the first ledge on my first attempt but managed to save it and relaunch. I cleared the first ledge on my next attempt but broke a left front axle not 20 foot away from the timers and ended our day.


Hill Can Am Pro Rock 04


 I’m always there to win and pretty disappointed if I don’t, but on this day it was a huge win to have climbed this hill at all! All of us on the HILLACIOUS race team love what we do and hope you all enjoy the show.


Hill Can Am Pro Rock 06


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Photos provided by Black Dog Photography

For more info on the Pro Rock Racing series visit – https://prorockracing.com/

For more info on Rush Off-Road visit – https://rushoffroad.com/

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