KMC Wheels expands their UTV line with the introduction of 5 new wheels: the XS134 ADDICT 2, XS234 ADDICT 2 BEADLOCK, XS135 GRENADE, XS235 GRENADE BEADLOCK and XS236 ADDICT 2 LW BEADLOCK. Including beadlock and non-beadlock models, the new 15-inch styles feature a high offset allowing improved handling and response to the steering wheel.  The new XD Powersports wheels have been designed and tested to provide a smooth ride over rocks and bumps.  Furthermore, the new models will be available in a variety of colors including satin black, satin gray, satin bronze and machined steel.


Additional Features:

  • 15″ wheel gives the better clearance between the rotor and caliper to keep rocks and debris out
  • Going with the 6″ wide wheel: 
    •  Less barrel for rocks/debris to catch at high speeds. 
    • Makes the wheel lighter, but doesn’t affect the integrity of the wheel and allows for better clearance depending on how the vehicle is set up
  • The +38mm offset advantage:
    • Retained the OEM width and stance
    • Retained closed/open trailer functionality 
    • Highly customizable


“These new additions to the powersports line will give UTV enthusiasts more options for customizing their passion both visually and in performance factors,” said Ryan Guidus, Powersports Marketing Manager at KMC Wheels. “With the lighter weight and higher offsets, these new wheels will give our customers new and exciting ways to make their UTVs race-ready.”

On February 9th, Polaris factory pro racer Mitch Guthrie Jr won the 2018 King of the Hammers using the new XS235 Grenade, a 15×5 inch race-specific wheel with zero offset.

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