Whether you love hitting some off-road trails for fun, or you have to haul lots of cargo for work, a side by side is one of the greatest vehicles for conquering rough terrain. A side by side gives you the perfect balance between performance and spaciousness.

While side by sides are well suited for conquering any kind of terrain, if you live in a rainy climate there are all kinds of additional issues that can crop up. Luckily, there are a few simple add-ons you can install onto your side by side that will protect you and your vehicle from the elements, improving performance and ensuring that you won’t get rained out. Here are some important side by side accessories for the rainy season.



No one likes getting cold and wet, and if you’re going to be driving in the rain, one of the most important side by side accessories you can have is a good windshield. When the rain is coming down hard, it can soak into your clothes, even if you’ve got water-resistant gear, and you’ll be reluctant to take the side by side up to top speed when you’re getting splashed with mud and dirt. Install a windshield and keep the elements out of your face.


Snorkel Kits

In deep water, your side by side’s engine runs the risk of getting waterlogged. To avoid this unfortunate event, you can install a snorkel kit. Don’t let yourself get stranded out in the middle of nowhere with a drowned engine. Get an easy-to-install snorkel kit that will keep fresh air pumping to your engine and prevent a catastrophic engine failure.


Don’t let a bout of bad weather keep you from having a good time. Within reason, you can still get the most out of your ride when the weather conditions are not working in your favor. Find the side by side accessories your ride needs to help you in these conditions today!

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