Gaining extra power in your machine can be achieved by swapping out your exhaust. Avoid making a common mistake of quick buying and do some research to find the UTV exhaust system that will work for you.


Manufacturer – A key for knowing you’re making the right choice has a lot to do with who makes the parts. Consider the reputation of the company, how others review their products and what policies they have attached to their products. It helps to consider who makes the exhaust before spending your hard-earned money on something you will replace soon after purchasing.







Volume – Take into consideration the volume of your exhaust. It is important to know how and where you plan on riding. When looking at a trail or other riding area, will you be passing a residential area? In this case, you could be facing fines and aggravated neighbors. Also, if you are using your UTV to hunt, camp, etc. are you willing to deal with the noise? Swapping out exhausts every time before you leave for a ride can get annoying.


Performance – Find out which exhaust system will give you the best quality for the cost. Compare with other UTV riders and find out if there is a popular opinion. Improving the performance of your UTV can quickly change your riding experience. Try comparing exhausts on online forums and chats.










Gaining power for your UTV can happen with doing your research and choosing the best UTV exhaust system. Save your money and choose one that fits your needs.

At Side by Side Stuff, we carry a wide selection of slip-on exhausts and top performance full exhaust systems. To step up your side by side’s performance, browse through some of these great brands:

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