There is no mistaking the impact the powersports community has made across the world. Between trailblazing buggies, extreme high-performance rigs, and hardworking utility vehicles, more and more people are jumping on the offroad bandwagon. It’s all about pushing the boundaries, whether you’re all work, all play, or both. It’s no surprise that the new big hype is getting your rig, road-ready.


Side By Side Stuff is all for building your buggy into what you want it to be. If street legal is what you’re after, we’re going to help you along the way. We have done our homework and compiled a list of the standard requirements for hitting the streets. Here, we’ll hit all the highlights on what you’ll need and what to look for. Finally, we’re going to give you options to ensure that you’re investing in an aftermarket accessory that will meet your individual needs. Let’s dig in!



Turn Signal Kits / Horn Kits


There are quite a few aftermarket turn signals and horn kits available on the market today. The significant difference between these electric components is the installation and wiring. Some packages operate utilizing your OEM brakes and Plug & Play technology. What that means is the kit plugs into your system without hassle.

Some side by side turn signal kits are a little more complicated. Though the installation may be more complicated due to wiring and soldering, the payoff could be better than if you opt for Plug & Play options. Generally, these UTV turn signal kits have additional features, hazards, emergency flashers, and more.





Aftermarket windshields are a must when you’re hitting the pavement. Speeds are higher for longer, which means intense drive-winds and bugs will wreak havoc on you and the interior of the machine. The offroad windshield is a must. Choosing one of these components can get a little overwhelming, as there are many different options available. The trick to the trade is reading all the fine print and ensuring that the UTV windshield you’ve chosen is D.O.T. stamped. Without that stamp, the front windshield will not meet street legal requirements.



Lighted License Plate


Much like in other automotive vehicles, lighted license plates brackets are on that check off list. This allows emergency cars the ability to quickly view your license plate, conveniently. These side by side tag holders are affordable, durable, and are extremely easy to mount up.



D.O.T. Tires


Trekking around on pavement is much different than hitting the offroad terrain. The aftermarket D.O.T. tires must meet specific criteria. They must have the appropriate tread depth, meet requirements for hydroplaning, have distinct carcass construction, and more. Each UTV tire that dons a D.O.T serial number is considered “street legal.” As stated before, be sure to read the fine print. Not every D.O.T. tire is D.O.T approved. 



Side Mirrors / Rear View Mirrors


It is not a secret that offroad vehicles do not come standard with clear visibility. Having little to no clarity while traveling on the pavement increases dangers even more. The powersports industry has knocked it out of the park when it comes to providing the offroad community with both side view mirror options and rear-view mirror options. All offering quality construction and visual clarity.



We Can Help


Side By Side Stuff has your back. Not only do we provide crusaders with UTV parts and accessories to meet your offroad demands, but we can take care of your on-road demands too. The first step is giving your local DMV a call and getting your location’s road-ready requirements list. Then hit up, find your machine application, then click on the selection D.O.T. and Street Legal Stuff. For any question, tap that comment box, and we’ll do our best to get you the answers you need.


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