Let’s face it, adding a little pep to your step is always a good thing, and we find when you need a boost a little music can go a long way. At Side By Side Stuff we know that your Intimidator SxS is a blast to wheel but to make a good time even better, you could be boosting your energy with your favorite tunes out on the trails! Check out Side By Stuff and our wide variety of Intimidator aftermarket audio accessories for your UTV.


You don’t have to make your system complex to get the maximum enjoyment of your music. At Side By Side Stuff we have made it extremely easy for you to find the best audio components for your Intimidator. We have a huge selection of accessories to choose from like Bluetooth sound bars, overhead stereo pods and audio consoles from the best brands in the industry like Wet Sounds, MTX Audio, Froghead Industries and SSV Works.  We offer stereo kits to keep it really simple or get creative with our line of amps and consoles speakers and set up a sound system that is custom tailored for your personal preference.


Cruise the trails and conquer the terrain listening to your favorite tunes and do it in style with a new aftermarket UTV stereo system.  Find everything you need with our selection of Intimidator Audio Accessories.


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