BRAAAP!!!! Who doesn’t love that sound? We know we sure do. ITP and their crew were doing the dang thang in Baja Nevada, tearing… it… up! We’re talking rooster tailing, chasing whoops, and blasting through the sticky icky. What we want to know is what kind of treads they are working with?! There was no terrain condition the UTV tires couldn’t handle, with nothing but ease and finesse. Just ask Justin Lambert. He seemed to be taking his rig to shred city with nothing but confidence. So, what gave ‘em the grip to get? It’s none other than the ITP Coyote DOT Radial Tire.


Like all ITP carcasses, this offroad tire is built to withstand the worst of it while having tread and lug design elements that can take on topography across the board. The tire conquers and destroys rough, hard-packed, gravel, and sandy areas but make no mistake, Lambert had no problem plowing through muddy spots on the track. It’s all about that unmatched traction and side bite action. ITP is a fan fave, and rightfully so. They’ve been hooking up the race circuit and the rest of us adrenaline-charged adventurist with premium side-by-side tires.


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