Welp, that’s a wrap for the 2020 American Off-Road Series, and they brought the finale back after three years of hibernation. We’re talking about the Bluewater Desert Challenge 2020. This rugged, tough race circuit had the Powersports community all kinds of hyped up, and rightfully so. It’s one of the most scenic yet unforgiving short tracks of the year. The 23-mile two-day trek rolls along the Colorado River, offering up merciless terrain and competitive geography. Stakes are high, and the competition is fierce. It makes perfect sense that racers had ITP aftermarket offroad tires to supply their traction-action.


You can braaap all you want, but without the “griiip,” the effort is futile. Could that be what makes ITP Tires a top choice for racers around the world? This sought after Powersports industry leader manufactures some of the best UTV tires in the biz. Their premier carcass development partnered with innovative tread design makes for grip and traction fit for the most extreme riders. ITP boasts they are one of the most trusted names in the racing circuit.” We couldn’t agree more!


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