Any pro racer will tell you the annual King Shocks Laughlin Desert Classic is not for the faint of heart. It’s one of the toughest tracks of the year with terrain that will spit you out once it is done with you. The choppy, rough course may be short, but it’s full of heart-stopping white-knuckling obstacles that will have you wide-eyed throughout. One thing is for sure, you may as well stay at home without being geared up with an offroad tire you can trust.


These pro racers use ITP as their trusted tire, “We love our ITP tires. It’s our secret weapon… No flats equals podium results.” Without quality, reliable UTV tires, there’s no making it through this demanding course. A blown-out tire results in a benched buggy. ITP, an industry leader, supplies the powersports community with high-grade carcasses for a multitude of terrains. If it’s good enough to tackle this beast of competition, just imagine what they can do for your rough ride.


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