Feast your faces on one of the longest-running amateur and pro race circuits in the industry. The Best in The Desert series Parker 250 is acre after acre of some of the most rigorous topography in the country. We’re talking isolated desert, historic gold mining towns. You’ll even get a taste of mountain terrain. Along with the diverse landscape, the courses themselves range from long loop, short track, point-to-point, and many more. There is truly something for all racer types at this vastly anticipated event. Is it really shocking that ITP had themselves a team sporting their UTV wheels and tires?


ITP has become an offroad staple when it comes to aftermarket UTV wheels and tires. The industry leaders have staked their claim in the community by providing enthusiasts with unequaled traction and unique SxS wheel design. ITP has a long history in the race circuit. It provides pros with superior traction and grip, ensuring their sponsored athletes stay at the forefront. How do they do it? By staying ahead of the game. ITP uses cutting-edge technology and engineering elements to continue driving forward with more traction and grip according to current ride demands.


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