Josh Free
Mooringsport, LA
2013 Can-Am
Maverick 1000 X RS_DSC6427resized


Last week we featured a bad to the bone Lollipop Pink 2014 Can-Am Maverick owned by Amber Free. Amber’s tricked out and lifted rig caught my attention at the High Lifter Mud Nationals in Texas earlier this year. I got the chance to meet her at Muddin’ for the Military over the 4th of July down at Muddy Bottoms ATV and Recreation Park in Sarepta, LA. Amber’s husband, Josh, owns a tricked out 2013 Can-Am Maverick that is set up for off- road racing and is today’s featured ride.

The Free’s are clearly deep into the UTV lifestyle. Josh’s Can-Am started out as a 2013 Maverick 1000R X RS. Josh put a lift kit and large tires on it after he purchased it, but became bored with that after a while. He decided he wanted to transform his rig into a racing machine allowing him to compete in the LA Cross Country off road racing series. Josh now competes all over the state of Louisiana and even into Texas in his race-prepped Maverick.

Josh started out having S3 Power Sports build him a new cage that could handle the abuse that off-road racing can dish up. He added a set of metal doors built by Dragonfire Racing as well as a set of Pro Armor harnesses to keep him safely inside his UTV. To keep better control over his rig, he had CT Race Worx re-valve the shocks and added a set of custom springs. Steering upgrades were made as well with a Super ATV EZ Steer Power Steering Kit and Rackzilla heavy-duty rack and pinion setup by Wicked Bilt.

Engine upgrades were added as well. Josh had the ECU re-flashed; it’s an upgrade that changed the timing and fueling mixture allowing for more horse power. Airdam clutches supplied the STM Rage 6 primary clutch and STM secondary clutch. A snorkel was added to the belt housing to add airflow and help keep the belt from overheating, which causes premature wear. Josh also removed all unnecessary weight including all plastic parts and interior parts that were none essential to lighten his rig. As Josh says, “weight kills speed.”

One aspect of the Side by Side lifestyle is that it can be a family affair. With good safety features in place such as roll cages and seat belts, etc., it makes UTVs a great option for safely entertaining younger children, allowing families to spend quality time in the outdoors. The Frees have five kids under the age of seven; having two awesome UTVs allows them to spend good quality time together and it’s a hobby the whole family can enjoy.