Have you been avoiding those deeper puddles and muddier trails because you are afraid of damaging your UTV? After you invest time and money into getting the exact vehicle you want, the thought of paying for expensive repairs can be awful. One way to increase the capacity of your UTV is by adding a snorkel kit to protect your engine when it is submerged.

Snorkel kits are tightly sealed to protect the components of your UTV when you dunk deep into muck and water. Keep your clutch and vent line slots dry. With the increase in airflow, you may have more power and can explore areas that you wouldn’t go near before.

Snorkel Your ATV and High Lifter make kits for a large variety of UTV models, so you don’t have to be left behind when everyone gears up. The pipes won’t block your view, but can be incorporated into the back or sides of your vehicle. The kits feature PVC risers, easy installation and a flat black texture or different colors for you to choose from. Choose a style that matches the look of your UTV.  Find a snorkel kit that protects the vital parts of your engine at SideBySideStuff.com.



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